The purpose of this blog is to provide my thoughts, feelings and insights into the top 100 Science Fiction movies of all time. While my love of all things Sci-Fi may have emerged relatively late in life, I’ve been catching up pretty fast. During that catching up period, lists such as this one have been extremely helpful for me in identifying the “greats” of the genre and helping me avoid the stinkers. I started this blog to give other people a place to start when trying to dive into this amazing world.

The idea for this project actually got its start when I set up a blog to read and review the top 100 Sci-Fi books of all time. And while I’m still not done reading and reviewing all of the books on that list, I thought that it only seemed natural to start a companion blog about Science Fiction movies. So, here we are. I hope you enjoy my reviews and analysis and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on your favorites.

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